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Established in 1987, the legendary Pipeworks Market is an icon of Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Originally based in Mahoney’s Rd, Campbellfield, this vibrant marketplace became a beloved community hub until its closure in 2013. Reborn with new vigour and a modern touch, Pipeworks Market now finds its home at 5 Dunstans Crt, Thomastown, conveniently located for all of Melbourne’s northside locals and visitors.

Reigning over an expansive 9,000-square-metre space, the Pipeworks Market is a bustling bazaar of over 300 diverse stalls. The diverse range of vendors encompasses fresh, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables, delectable takeaway foods, cutting-edge electronics, and stylish fashion items. There’s something for the home improver too, with stalls dedicated to hardware, plants, and even furniture. For the treasure hunters, the market boasts a selection of second-hand goods, while foodies will appreciate fresh bread and eggs directly from local producers.

Convenience is key

Pipeworks Market integrates technology into the traditional market experience. Customers can reserve their favourite stalls on any device by visiting our easy-to-use online platform.

Pipeworks Market isn’t merely a shopping destination—it’s an immersive, community experience. The market regularly hosts cultural, community, and children’s stage shows, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere. Adding to the charm, our designated family area features amusements and rides, ensuring fun for the whole family.

The experience wouldn’t be complete without the enticing array of culinary delights at our dedicated food court. Food lovers can sample cuisine from around the world, with international food outlets offering an irresistible selection of ready-to-eat dishes.

About Us
Grand Opening

Pipeworks Market is More than Just a Market Place

It is a hub of community activity, a destination for families, and the heart of Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Welcome to the largest, most dynamic market in the region—welcome to the new Pipeworks Market.


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